Contact Lens Exam

Contact Lens Exam

If you would like to get contact lenses to make your vision better, get an eye evaluation from Knight Vision located at LensCrafters inside Kitsap Mall. Our Silverdale optometrist will provide a comprehensive eye exam and can then discuss with you which contact lens will suit you the best. Here is some information about what you can expect, so you are prepared for the process.

Your Vision Will Be Evaluated

If you have been to an eye doctor in the past, it is likely you had a full examination of your eyes to check your overall eye health and prescription strength. The procedure is fairly easy and completely non-invasive. Our optometrist will have you read a series of letters and numbers in various sizes from a chart. If you start to have difficulty reading the information, a glass plate is positioned in front of each of your eyes to sharpen the images. The swapping of these plates will help determine your prescription strength.

Your Eyes Will Be Evaluated For Their Health

In addition to testing eye sight, your eyes are also checked to ensure you are not suffering from an optical problem. Our optometrist will visually inspect each of your eyes using different illumination sources to check for abnormalities, such as astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness, eye infections, or dry eyes that require treatment. If a problem is found, our eye doctor will make recommendations to you regarding your options. Usually, contact lens can make your eyes feel better, if you have those abnormalities.

Your Eyes Are Measured For Contact Lenses

After your prescription strength is determined, the irises of your eyes need to be measured. This will ensure the size of contact lenses you use will fit each of your eyes without sliding or slipping out of place. This measuring process simply requires you to look into an eyepiece while a staff member does calculations of the circumference of each of your irises.


A Trial Set Of Contacts Is Provided

Our optometrist will provide you with a set of contact lenses to try on in our office. If you have not worn contact lenses in the past, you will be provided with instructions regarding their handling and care. A follow-up appointment will then be made to check on your eyes and the new lenses.

Call Knight Vision in Silverdale to make an appointment with our optometrist if you are interested in obtaining contact lenses. Call today at (360) 698-7618 to find out more about the services we provide for our patients.


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