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Glaucoma Screening and Care at Knight Vision

You only get one pair of eyes in life, and those are vulnerable to all kinds of sight-robbing threats and conditions.  One such danger is the irreversible optic nerve destruction and loss of vision caused by glaucoma, the second-leading cause of blindness worldwide. The good news is that glaucoma can be successfully managed if it's caught and treated early. Here at Knight Vision, we can serve as your source for glaucoma screening and care in Silverdale WA.

Chart of Glaucoma

Glaucoma Causes, Symptoms and Risk Factors

Glaucoma is no single disease; it can actually be caused by a number of different underlying problems. Generally, however, the culprit is a malfunction in the drainage system that normally regulates fluid pressure within each eye. the eye constantly makes a fluid called the aqueous humor, which means that excess fluid has to drain off through a drainage angle near the iris. When the drainage system isn't working properly, the fluid pressure builds until the delicate tissues of the optic nerve become irreparably damaged.

Most glaucoma sufferers have a slow-progressing variant known as open-angle glaucoma, but some people have a more fast-acting, dangerous type known as angle-closure glaucoma. Symptoms may not appear in open-angle glaucoma for quite some time, eventually manifesting themselves as loss of peripheral and then central vision. Angle-closure glaucoma can cause sudden vision loss accompanied by pain, nausea, and vomiting.

Who is at risk for glaucoma? Seniors 60 and over, and African-Americans aged 40 and over, are at elevated risk for the condition. High blood pressure, diabetes, steroid usage, and other health factors can raise your glaucoma risk.

Our Optometrist Can Diagnose and Treat Glaucoma

As devastating as glaucoma can be, you don't have to let it steal your vision. But the first key to saving your eyesight from glaucoma's ravages is scheduling the proper diagnostic tests at our optometry center. Our optometrist can diagnose glaucoma in the course of a comprehensive eye exam. Testing methods such as tonometry can check the fluid pressure of both eyes to see whether your optic nerves might be in danger. Vision testing and direct examination of the optic nerves can also prove enlightening.

The sooner we catch your glaucoma, the more easily we can control it. Our optometry center can provide oral or topical medications that help regulate fluid production and eye drainage, normalizing your fluid pressure. We can even refer you for laser or other surgical procedures to control more severe glaucoma.

Schedule Diagnostic Tests With Our Silverdale Eye Doctor

Our Silverdale eye doctor is ready to help you avoid the ravages of glaucoma. Call (360) 698-7618 today to schedule diagnostic tests at our optometry clinic!



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